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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Become a Friend

Become a Friend of the Alliance for just Tsh 5,000 a month
There are close to 5, 000 working journalists in Tanzania, yet fewer less than 100 currently support their alliance. As one of our illustrious founders may have said: "We live in hard times. We know money is tight as journalists are paid very low in our country", but this should not take us from our course of helping each other even in meagre distributes.
But we still need every journalist, working in all media and those who are not directly connected to any media house, to help us help those in need.
We also encourage friends and well-wishers to help attain our primary goals.
Please commit to an annual donation of a minimum of Tsh 60, 000 a year – just Tsh 5, 000 a month – to become Friend. You can pay more if you feel able to do so.
Our Friends will be listed on the web site and their contribution, if they wish so.
Objectives of TAJOA


The Alliance is established for the following objects:-
- To defend and promote the freedom of the media and to champion the universal right to freedom of expression
- To represent members' interests in all matters of editorial, professional concern as well as their lives
- To initiate that use journalism as an instrument for the public good.
- To help develop community journalism initiatives by giving out training.
- To monitor on matters affecting the news media either directly or indirectly and to make appropriate representations to parliaments, regional assemblies, and other organisations and authorities at all levels of government and public life
- To provide a forum for discussion of the practical problems of editorship and to promote the objectives of the Alliance
- To provide access to a network of professional contacts
- To offer advice to members on issues of practical and ethical concern and to support other bodies in promoting standards in journalism, the independence of the media and self-regulation
- To help improve the quality of journalism through the active support of education and training
- To represent the Tanzania's journalists internationally

Benefits of becoming a Friend


  • Network all over Tanzania with renowned journalists
  • Have a chance to become part of our training opportunities
  • Be invited to various national and international conferences
  • Be chosen as a delegate to different invitations
  • Publish in your work easily anywhere in the world
  • Work with the best, publish with the best
  • Get help in different capacities- in the line of wellbeing
  • Your name listed - for individuals
  • Your logo posted in our main website and other related ones
Why now?
In Tanzania, free journalism is under attack as never before. We have experiencing journalists being assaulted, their freedom squeezed and more the
financial pressures faced by all media groups have meant to zip their freedom. As a result, the pressure on journalists to act in the commercial interests of their proprietors is increasing, and the public can be short-changed with journalism that is compromised by political or proprietarily influence.
In Tanzania like many part of the world, local newspapers are dying, and are not being replaced by other media. This leaves a big gap in the reporting of local affairs and regional politics, challenges and development.
And in the developing world, journalists can be subject to draconian government control. This has made the free and fair reporting of events extremely difficult and very often dangerous.
At the same time, fewer and fewer media organisations are investing in journalism, and investigative reporting is almost extinct. This, in real today's newsroom means that the rich, the powerful and the corrupt are not scrutinised (very little is being doing by very few media) and exposed by a free press acting in the public interest.
So, TAJOA seen the dying of media houses as a threat of the development of our country hence the need to help journalists first by empowering them in different cases; capacity building in their profession as well as their lives.
We hope Tanzanians and our friends from different parts of the world will help us to stop more decaying of our journalism.
Welcome on board

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