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Thursday, February 23, 2012

An open letter to all Tanzanian Ladies & Girls!

Dear Tanzanian Girls and Ladies,

Please, sit back to read through this post and do not be in a hurry to read it. This post can change the rest of your life for good.

75% of you have mistaken lust for love in many relationships with boys and men. Because, you have been misled by your emotions and ignored the truth. That true love is not based on emotions and physical attractions, but on honesty and transparency of the heart, soul and spirit.

You are creatures of easy virtues, who are often swayed by the flattery and lies of boys and men who swear to love you, but are only interested in your physical attractions and how pretty or sexy you look. They would do whatever they could to lure you and woo you to seduce you into premarital sex and even promise to marry you. And in most cases, you would be mere pawns in their Chess of Romance. Because, they later compare notes with their buddies when they meet at the Club billcanas in DSM, Mzumbe garden in mbeya city and other bars, clubs or pubs where they regale themselves.

Even when they do whatever it would take to hook you and marry you after they would have sworn heaven on earth at the marriage registry or before a crowd of witnesses in church, they will now show you their true colours in black and white. And it would be too late to cry. Because, you are trapped in the bondage of a marriage of convenience. So, you have no choice but to do your best to survive by all means possible. But please, do not do anything stupid or what you would later be left with apologies and regrets for the rest of your life.

Don't fall for the "shine shine brazamens" or the "rich guys", whether young or old.

Don't lure a married man from his wife. Because, the grave consequences of adultery would leave you cursed and scarred for life. The husband who would stray from his wife to waste his money and time on you is evil and wicked and deserves to be condemned and damned. Because, only an irresponsible and unreasonable husband will betray his wife.
Remember that, as he was unfaithful to his wife, he would be unfaithful to you too.

Do not be looking for a ready made husband who has already acquired all the status symbols of the society and then pack into his house, because such a man would feel that you did not contribute to his success and in fact, he would treat you as part of his acquisitions of status symbols like a trophy girlfriend or trophy wife. Because, men love the acquisition of status symbols and having a pretty and sexy girlfriend or wife can boost their egos and they cheat, lie, exploit and even steal to acquire them. And if you prefer to be his trophy girlfriend or trophy wife, be ready to face the humiliation of his infidelity. Because, when the first trophy is now rusty with age, he would prefer a new one.

Love and marry any honest and hardworking man you can build a home with and raise a good family. So that he would be proud to say that you contributed to the building of his home, progress and success.

Too much sex is not good for you. 

Because, ask the commercial sex workers and the most sincere ones will tell you that they now use diapers like babies. Why? It would be unprintable here. Ask them to confess the bitter truth of the sour grapes they eat in their ordeals of abusing and misusing the awesome sacred body God has given to womanhood.

Finally, do not be deceived and fooled by the lies and vanities of social life. They are all perishable things and they will all end up in the cemetery and junkyard.

Do yourself a great favour today, after work, relax and read the books of Proverbs and lines of the Holy Bible. The profound words will guide and guard you for the rest of your life and you would be wiser and richer.

These seven verses are for your own good.

Share them with your sisters, friends and every literate member of the female sex.

Everybody deserves a good life, so, do not spoil or waste yours.

Cheers and God bless you always.

Yours faithfully,


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